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Here we are, almost two whole months of the great pandemic. It has been a wild ride. I have been closed since. I feel a sense of relief that some places are beginning to open, and the sun is shining brightly. I know this is a controversial time. Some people want things to stay closed to allow for a longer time to flatten the curve. Some would prefer for everything to go back to the way things were immediately before this pandemic. You can find me somewhere in the middle, leaning closer to precaution. I do not believe we should push the limits of our hospitals or be frivolous, but I do understand that this is a virus we are unsure about and that experiments are going to help us understand what is happening much better. If you are at risk please I urge you to stay home and keep safe. As for the rest of us, we must do what the government is suggesting and take precaution, but open. I have not received any financial aid through this time unfortunately, other than the stimulus check. I will be opening with very grave precaution. I will be screening my clients over the phone, and doing client intake interviews over the phone. I will be using a plastic antimicrobial/antiviral covering on my table and wiping it down with sanitization between each client. I will be changing clothing between clients. I will also be wearing a mask. I can wear gloves if that makes anyone feel better but we are not mandated. I have lemon mist aromatherapy which is also antibacterial. We will get through these hard times together, and I will be as safe as possible. I hope you all will be as well. Please be honest with any symptoms. We must all create a better world through this time, and through all time by being mindful of our impact. Be safe.

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